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            Jialida corporate culture

First, our vision is:To create the world's HVAC industry outstanding brand.
Second, our mission is:For energy conservation, low carbon out of a force for mankind to create a comfortable living environment.
Third, our spirit is:Believe in yourself, believe in a partner.
Fourth, our style is:Keep promise, no excuse, absolutely obedience, never give up.
Five of our values are:
customer     HouseholdAll to the customer's value as a fundamental
group    team:group
regulation     then:System first, leadership second
sense     Yep: With a grateful heart of life, with love to win respect
responsibility     Any:Responsible for their own, responsible for the enterprise, socially responsible
Standard     quasi:Always maintain the peak of the working state, everything to the first goal
Six, our core philosophy is:
Sales concept:Customers not only buy our products, but also buy our character
Service philosophy:Customer-centric, with love to do the service
Brand Concept:Brand created value, value created wealth
Quality concept:Not the best, only better

core value:Employees are the largest asset, the customer is a business partner
Survival concept:Only the right way to survive
Entrepreneurial philosophy:The hardship is a compulsory course for success
Development concept:Sacrifice me, complete me
Competitive concept:Competition is the first productive force
R & D philosophy:Independent development, winning a chip
Management concept:Change the behavior of mind change, behavior change habits change
Wealth concept:Money is the body of things, growth is the first wealth of life
Working philosophy:Will be a simple way to the ultimate is a trick
Life philosophy:Enough money to gather people, the amount of width enough to get people; first enough to rate their own suicides enough to serve people
Employer concept:Excellent talent is the assets, mediocre employees are debt
Salary concept:There is a reward for the results, no results are shame
Organizational philosophy:Create a platform to achieve their own

Promotion concept:Create the results, cultivate talent, to be promoted
Achievements:Ordinary people to pursue goals, excellent people beyond the goal, excellence to create a miracle

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